Welcome to my Website!

This great portrait of me was drawn by the awesome Scott Campbell. Hand drawn portrait of teo

I hang out at these few places:

I'm really into IPFS The InterPlanetary File System, so I've written a Swift client for IPFS' API which you can check out here. This site is a cool example of some of the things IPFS enables; it is not hosted anywhere specific but is distributed across the IPFS network and, unless you are viewing it through an IPFS->HTML gateway, is served to you from your nearest IPFS nodes.

I have a company, teos, where I aspire to build nice iOS and macOS applications that make both customers and users happy.

Synthesizers fascinate me and especially the early analogue synths seem, on the surface, to be fathomable. Here's a great re-issued series of columns by Bob Moog on synthesizers.

A few things I like so much I added them to the permanent web:
The story of MelFor more of this kind I can heartily recommend the Hacker Dictionary (aka Jargon File). is a bit of old school hacker folklore that I particularly enjoyed.

I'm also linking his entire blog as a pdf (HT) and as html from archive.org. Aaron Swartz's blog entry on technical interviews particularly resonated with my own experience. I consider myself a competent and experienced programmer but I feel just as Aaron did about the confrontational nature of interviews.

Bret Victor is a frequent source of inspiration.

Humankind recently reached our solar system's outer non-planet Pluto and sent back a beautiful image.

Interesting essays are everywhere on the web. These are some that I have found particularly noteworthy.
Alan Kay on Enlightened imagination.
Richard Feynman on Cargo Cult Science.
Marvin Minsky on math(s).
Alan M. Turing on Computing Machinery and Intelligence.
Jeremy Kun on Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Mark Slouka on Quitting the Paint Factory

Other papers that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere.